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Thank you for your interest in touring RISE. Please review the following information and complete the request form. RISE now offers two types of tours. A General tour and a Factfinder tour. Below are the descriptions of both.

General Tour:

  • Target Audience: grade and high schools, individuals seeking general or broad information about RISE
    Note: Tours For Schools: Due to the heavy demand, RISE conducts tours for middle and high school groups on Tuesdays between 1:00 and 4:00. When you submit your tour request for your school group, please select from those days and times. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • 1 hour in length
  • Maximum of 15 people
  • General focus tour
  • Walk through of facility
  • Tours conducted by volunteers or RISE staff

Factfinder Tour:

  • Target Audience: healthcare institutions, universities interested in creating simulation based training programs.
    Industry and others looking for detailed information about RISE and RISE related projects.
  • Maximum of 12 people
  • Detailed agenda
  • Tours and meetings conducted by members of RISE leadership
  • Detailed, informative tours
  • Recommendations for your next steps
  • Information packets provided about RISE, courses, publications and other related information
  • Includes information about commercial simulation services available through UPMC

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Disclosure: You may not be able to tour the facility on your requested dates and times. Please make sure you list alternates when completing this form. Someone from the RISE team will respond within one business day of form completion. Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you.