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Simulation Mannequins Go On a Field Trip to Enhance Student Learning

New to the RMU family in Fall 2014, Professor Jessica Kamerer, MSN, RNC-NIC, CHSE hit the simulation ground running.  In her Pathophysiology class she is bringing our Laerdal 3G high fidelity mannequin to the classroom.  She created 3 patient case studies for the students to work through.  For each case, the class was divided into small groups; each group was given a portion of patient information to review including history and lab work.  Students measured mannequin vital signs, then, patient history, labs and vital signs were summarized on the board in the front of the classroom. Students analyzed the data and drew conclusions about the patientís presenting condition.  Hint ĖProfessor Kamererís recent lecture topics included electrolytes and acid/base and fluid balance.  Word around Romoís is that the students loved working with the mannequin and applying lecture info to a patient scenario. They were also rather impressive in their ability to identify metabolic acidosis.


Submitted by Jan Barber