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RISE Center Policies and Procedures


Table of Contents

Policy       Page Number

Mission Statement, Vision Statement                                     4

Simulation Experience                         5-8

Simulation Hours to Clinical Hours Ratio         9

Participant Psychological Safety         10-11

Ethics and Integrity                 12

Confidentiality                 13

Video Recording Confidentiality and Use         14

Accommodations for Students with ADA Exceptions 15

Health Incidents         16

Standardized Patient (SP) Program         17

Orientation for RISE Center Faculty and Staff 18

Simulation Experts         19

Course Development                 20

Quality Improvement (QI) Plan         21

Quality Improvement Committee         22

QI Process for Evaluation of Debriefing Using DASH Tool 23-24

QI Remediation 25

Evaluation of Simulation Experience                         26

Physical Environment and Simulation Equipment                  27-28

Physical Safety         29

Care of Environment                         30-31

Manikin General Care and Maintenance                 32

Care of Supplies and Inventory         33

Medication Policy         34

Learner and Facilitator Dress Code                 35

Access and Scheduling         36

Prioritization of Use of the RISE Center         37

Outside User Fee Structure         38

Open Houses and Tours         39

Complaint Management         40

Severe Weather         41

Handheld Devices         42

Master Key Storage         43

Laptop Procedure         44

Publicity and Marketing         45

Event Television Monitor                 46

Purchases, Travel, and Reimbursements                         47

Organizational Chart                                                 48

Standardized Patients Policies and Procedures