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See Mannequins Come Alive!


Todayís health care environment is rapidly changing and increasingly complex, requiring the incorporation of advanced technology to guide patient care. One of the key components in this exciting new era is simulation. Using life-like computerized mannequins to replicate the complex patient environment of the clinical setting, students and healthcare workers can experience specially designed scenarios to practice important skills needed to provide safe, quality care to patients.

The new Regional Research and Innovation in Simulation Education (RISE) Center at Robert Morris University is a 2000-square-foot facility that will serve as a major regional educational resource and a center of excellence for simulation training and research. The centerís internationally recognized faculty and specially trained simulation specialists and technicians work side by side with health care organizations around the region, creatively broadening the educational experience of health sciences students by maximizing their learning opportunities.

The RISE Center features two high-fidelity treatment rooms, one critical-care room, two classrooms/debriefing areas, one low-fidelity nursing skills practice lab, and multiple office areas. State-of-the-art audio/visual equipment (AV) allows for debriefing using recordings and live AV feeds remotely, all of which provide the opportunity to share the benefits of simulation with larger audiences. The center also features a family of high-fidelity mannequins including three adult simulation mannequins, a birthing simulator with newborn, an infant (6-month-old) mannequin, and a pediatric (5-year-old) mannequin. The Centerís information management system also assists with scheduling, monitoring of usage, and provides a database to assist with measuring outcomes.

We are located in the John Jay Building located in the Robert Morris University Moon Township Campus, just 10 minutes from Pittsburgh International Airport.


Here is a current list of events taking place in our community:

RMU to Welcome Simulation Visionary to RISE Center -- Dr. Suzan Kardong- Edgren, PhD, RN, ANEF, CHSE will be joining the RMU RISE Center team come January from Boise State University. In her time at Boise State University, Dr. Kardong- Edgren served as the Jody DeMeyer Endowed Chair in Nursing. Dr. Kardong-Edgren is currently serving as project director for a nationally funded study on the use of a fighter pilot algorithm to maintain CPR skills, funded by the National League of Nursing, the American Heart Association, and the Laerdal Corporation. Along with working on a number of other research projects, Dr. Kardong- Edgren is also the Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Simulation in Nursing and also serves as the Vice President for Research for the INACSL organization. The staff in the RMU RISE Center is extremely excited to have Dr. Kardong Edgren as a part of the team.

If you want learn more about Dr. Suzan Kardong- Edgren along with other members of the RISE Center Team, please click here

August 8:  RISE on the Road -- Villa St. Joseph -- Standardized Patient and Mannequin employee training
funded by the FINE Foundation.  This is Phase I of a II Phase project with the INSPIRE (Integrating Nursing Simulation and Production to Improve Respect for Elders) Project.

Stay tuned for more information!

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